About Us

Time moves on. There seems to be more and more artists, designers, sportsmen and other industries workers that prefer embroidery as an element of personal identity and exclusivity.

Not many people realize that embroidery is not just logos on items, but the opportunity to make an original gift, to add some elegance to a wedding present or to give meaning and soulfulness to design product.

Embroidery is not only a decorative element, but the way for designer to get his message to the world.

Every design produced by our company is unique and is made for each customer individually. Techniques, materials and other features selection process takes place together with customer so a better understanding and satisfaction with the results are reached.

Often different techniques for the same design can be used and the result will look different depending on their combination.

Used materials play a big role in final product, that's why they are selected to meet the wishes and requirements of every customer.